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pure matcha power with a self-care touch

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Pure matcha powder

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Our first product is pure matcha powder. Only high-quality matcha from local Japanese farmers in a reusable pouch, nothing more. Enough to make perfect matcha latte every single day.

It's simply rite

Rite matcha is a pure green tea powder, that comes from Japan local farmers. Matcha, or powder green tea, is a truly unique morning drink. It contains twice more caffeine than regular green tea because of it's powder structure and L-Theanine, that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

This power duo is helping you to enjoy desired energy boost while being kind to our mind & body. Not enough? High-quality ceremonial grade matcha (and we make sure that you will get only the best of what there is!) contains antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins.

Ops! Almost forgot that it tastes and looks heavenly, but we consider that as more of a bonus!

What matcha is

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matcha powder

Responsibly & sustainably produced on local Japanese farms
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